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Direct Deposit Service
With our Direct Deposit service, the net amount of the paycheck is deposited automatically into the employee's bank account on payday.

This frees the business owner from having to be available on payday to sign the checks. It also frees the employee from having to rush to the bank and from having to wait in line to deposit their paycheck every payday. Studies show that many times this is done on company time.

Ultimately, direct deposits improve the employer/employee relationship and boost employee productivity and moral.
Employees may have the direct deposit split into as many  as four different bank accounts; such as savings, checking, child support, etc.


  • Employees must sign the proper authorization form
  • Employer's bank account will be debited three business days prior to payday
  • Employer must report payroll hours to Americas Payroll, Inc. four days prior to payday


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