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Basic Payroll

You just give us the hours and we do everything else!
Just prior to each payday, one of our payroll specialists will call you to get the hours worked by your employees (3-5 minute call). Then we run the data through our sophisticated payroll software. The next day you receive, by courier, all payroll checks, reports, and forms.

The service includes:

  • Professional payroll checks sample
  • Payroll Summary report
  • Payroll Detail report
  • Payroll input organizer
  • Departmental Breakdown report
  • Employee Earnings record

We include all these at no charge! Others charge extra.

  • Tax deposit checks (when due)
  • Quarterly 941's, DE-3's
  • Yearly 940, W3, DE43, W2's
  • New employees added
  • Employee changes made

Get all of the above for one low fee




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